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Imagine walking down your high street and instead of litter under each street tree, there were lavender, rosemary and sage plants. On long summer days the orange glow from the calendula would entice you to venture to new parts of town or stop and linger to enjoy the view. And better yet, these are plants that you are free to pick, a little at a time, to take home and cook with or experiment making your own home remedies.

Developed during 2014, Urbanfarmacy created a community garden in an unused space at a YMCA property. Through community volunteering a planting project began and during the London in Bloom awards, that year's judges gave special mention to the project, noting it's innovative approach.

Inspiring Ideas Series

Supported by the School of Surveying & Planning and Enterprise! at Kingston University, this series of enterprising talks shared how property professionals are utilising their skills to shake up the industry.