Since deciding the corporate life wasn't for me I've founded a number of business, but it wasn't until I discovered the power of adventure to help me forge a life full of potential that I've really begun to create a life I love. Here's a little summary of my story. If you'd like to know more do get in touch -

Fiona Quinn: Adventurous Entrepreneur | Speaker | Coach

Fiona is an adventurer, speaker, entrepreneur and coach. Back in 2010 she quit her first corporate job out of university just 6 weeks after she started and set about trying to become an entrepreneur. But it wasn't until after 2 failed businesses that she discovered the power of adventure and her entrepreneurial groove.

In 2016 she was the first person to complete the Cam Triathlon, over 180 miles by foot, bicycle and SUP, and then went on to cycle 1000 miles, solo and unsupported, up the length of the country 8 weeks later.

Now running a successful business combining start up support with adventure, she splits her time between adventures large and small, and sharing her passion for getting outside through talks, workshops and coaching.


Through her own experience Fiona has found the huge potential that adventure has for unlocking something within us. Putting one step in front of the other day after day, not knowing what the path will look like round the corner only that you have to move forward - this has significant parallels with startup and can help you build momentum and resilience while carving out your own entrepreneurial path.

Fiona's coaching is focused on helping you consistently take steps forward and embrace the opportunities that come with change in our lives, but with a bigger vision for achieving what we didn't think was possible for ourselves and the world around us. Fiona's own approach to her life is to wholeheartedly embrace all aspects of her life from being an entrepreneur to her love of baking and adventure - it's all part of who she is and what she loves about her live, and she will be delighted to help you do the same.